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PEIS Book - Introducing the PEIS Plan on Twitter and Facebook

Jan 12, 2024 - The PEIS Plan is introduced on X (Twitter) and Facebook : Common Message Introducing the PEIS Plan to stop the present war in Gaza and resolve the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deemed the most intractable conflict in modern times, and now the simmering conflict has flared up into the devastating Israeli-Hamas war in Gaza. The root cause of the never-ending crisis is that two peoples, the Israelis and the Palestinians, want the same piece of the Holy Land - the West Bank. Existing one-state and two-state solutions have failed because they try to slice and dice that same piece of land. The PEIS Plan is a path not taken that will resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all; it does this by introducing a new land.   The PEIS Plan stands for the Palestine-Egypt-Israel-Sinai peace plan. The deus ex machina is the introduction of the Sinai Peninsula. The PEIS Plan proposes that Egyptians sell the insurgent-