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Jan 12, 2024 - The PEIS Plan is introduced on X (Twitter) and Facebook:

Common Message

Introducing the PEIS Plan to stop the present war in Gaza and resolve the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deemed the most intractable conflict in modern times, and now the simmering conflict has flared up into the devastating Israeli-Hamas war in Gaza. The root cause of the never-ending crisis is that two peoples, the Israelis and the Palestinians, want the same piece of the Holy Land - the West Bank. Existing one-state and two-state solutions have failed because they try to slice and dice that same piece of land. The PEIS Plan is a path not taken that will resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all; it does this by introducing a new land.
The PEIS Plan stands for the Palestine-Egypt-Israel-Sinai peace plan. The deus ex machina is the introduction of the Sinai Peninsula. The PEIS Plan proposes that Egyptians sell the insurgent-infected part of the Sinai Peninsula to the Palestinians and use the proceeds to develop the rest of the peninsula and the country and make Egypt prominent again. The Palestinians sell the West Bank to Israel and use the remittance to pay the Egyptians and build an independent New Palestinian state that combines the purchased portion of Sinai with the Gaza Strip for a new country that is 50% bigger than Greater Israel, six times larger than the landlocked West Bank, contiguous from the Mediterranean Sea on the North to the Gulf of Aqaba on the South, free-standing with an unrestricted air space, and welcoming to the returning diaspora. Part of Jerusalem will belong to this new nation as its cultural capital. The Israelis buy the West Bank (minus the Jerusalem enclave) from the Palestinians and finally fulfill their immemorial yearning for the "Land of Israel" with full international recognition. There will be no expulsion of Palestinians out of the transferred West Bank: If they choose to stay, they will have New Palestinian citizenship and Israel's new native residency, which will give them all the local rights. Using the PEIS Plan as a template regarding Lebanon and Syria, Israel may gain something it has never known since its independence in 1948: peace with all its neighbors. 
The PEIS Plan is a groundbreaking three-state solution that will succeed in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because it gives the two stakeholders the thing most dear to them: for the Palestinians, it will be a viable country that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder to Israel; for the Israelis, it will be Judea and Samaria in a new country at peace. As a party to the PEIS Plan, Egypt will also get something it has long sought: a no-string-attached finance to fund its pharaonic economic ambitions.

As the three stakeholders see the merits of the PEIS Plan, they will initiate a negotiation process. The start of this peace talk will stop the war in Gaza. Since Gaza will be part of the negotiated New Palestinian state, Israel will pause the in situ destruction, let humanitarian aid come in, and instead of hunting down Hamas, cordon them off. Hamas will join the ceasefire and release the hostages: they have to because the PEIS Plan offers Gazans peace, nationhood, and prosperity - a better alternative to Hamas's violent armed struggle ideology; without the support of the common Gazans, Hamas will have no place to hide, no way to run from the New Palestinian security forces and Israel Defense Forces. By embracing the PEIS Plan-induced ceasefire, Hamas will have a seat in the PEIS Plan peace process and secure its political place in the New Palestinian state later.

The rationale for why the Egyptians, Palestinians, and Israelis should accept the Plan can be read on the PEIS Plan website < >. A recently released book < >, "A Frog-In-The-Well Solution - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: How the PEIS Plan will resolve this conflict once and for all", expands on the details.
My name is Doc Ngu. I am the architect of the PEIS Plan and the author of the book. While the PEIS Plan's 3-way transaction can be summarized in a few paragraphs, it is a very complex proposal: It took me more than two years of research and innovative thinking to shape the details. While the book is a solitary endeavor, the realization of the Plan needs the involvement of the governments of the stakeholder countries, the U.S. and other countries that can act as mediators. My go-to-the-top attempts to reach the decision-makers have failed to pass the gatekeeper barrier < >. I am now running a parallel grassroots campaign to make the world aware of the PEIS Plan as a realizable alternative to existing failed solutions. For this, I need your help.

First, please sign the petition "Make the U.S. government aware of the PEIS Plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" < >. I am seeking a significant number of signatures that will make the White House take notice. Then, share this post and the petition to your sphere of influence. Lastly, see other ways you can help < >.

All the beaten paths to a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have gone nowhere approaching eight decades. It is now time for a path not taken that can resolve this conflict and its tragic ramifications, once and for all. Peace in the Middle East is possible; it needs all our contributions.

Let PEIS be with you.


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